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GTA 6: some rumours abut the releasing date again 

As we all know, Semptember 17, 2013 was a day of releasing GTA 5. The Rockstar company working hard on GTA 6 at the moment. We all also know that Heists Update was delayed, so maybe it why, that the company is working hard on GTA 6? Is it truth or not, we will see very soon. However, this is not only the one rumour, which we can hear about this game. It it important to say that GTA 6 is going to be released as GTA 5 announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PC platform. Is not difficult to notice that adventures a very big part of the game. This is thing, which like lot of fans of the game. There is one more good new: we can find lot of rumors about that in the GTA 6 we will find more adventures. As new gaming console is in the market – from this fact we can understand how much the fans of the game are necessary for the company. But this is not the only thing, what the company are doing for the clients – it is important to say that every version is better. The good new is that, the customers appreciate this efforts – they like GTA very much. There is an opinion, that we won‘t have the GTA 6 very soon, because there is 6 years appromaxitely between GTA versions releasing dates. However, we can find and one more opinion about that we can have a GTA 6 very soon, because GTA 5 was very successful and the company want to submit new version of the game as soon as possible. So, there is two differents opinions and both of them have arguments. Dear friends, you can hear lot of rumour and about the location of GTA. At the moment some sources claims that ideal places for GTA 6 is New York City or Houston. However, we can find and statements and about the others places. This is one more rumour, who can be a great new for the all lovers of the game: in GTA 6 we will findmore futuristic parameters. It means, that we will have more opportunities. So, there are a lot of different rumours about the GTA 6. And we will see, is it truth or not, very soon.



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